Preset Grip Packages

These pre-assembled grip packages are built with the micro to medium sized production in mind. They each contain everything you need to get up and running quickly and efficiently so you can focus your creativity towards making the best product possible. To add on individual items to these preset packages, click HERE to view the itemized list of available equipment.


One Ton Grip Package

The One Ton Grip Package is the industry standard suitable for almost any small to medium sized production. A cargo van, box truck, or enclosed trailer is required to transport this kit.


3/4 Ton Grip Package

The 3/4 Ton Grip Package is built to fit in most large SUVs, covered pick-up trucks, or minivans. It has everything you need for a small sized production.


1/2 Ton Grip Package

The 1/2 Ton Grip Package is a basic kit built for small interview set-ups or on-the-go type shoots. This kit is built to fit in a hatchback or mid-full sized sedan like a Prius or Honda Fit.

For rental inquiries, please contact me HERE or via my ShareGrid profile.